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Gate of Stars

Original historical information owned by Sarah ©2000-Present, all rights reserved.

The Truth Behind


If you like Science, Mythology, History, or Science Fiction, I can almost guarantee you'll love this show. "Stargate SG-1" and the movie "StarGate" have many references to ancient Egypt in it. This page started out as a page that detailed all the references. As I watched the episodes, I realized that other cultures' myths were integrated also.

Stargate SG-1 now airs on the Sci-Fi Network. The SG-1 sections are a season behind on because I didn't get Showtime when I started this website. The Stargate Atlantis sections will be updated as it airs on the Sci-Fi network.

Some of the information here came from Digging Up The Stargate and some of the information I researched at the Stargate section at the Richard Dean Anderson Web Site, and Encyclopedia Mythica. Some of the earlier information was researched at the now non-operational website of "Gate Guide;" while other information came from my own mundane knowledge.

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13 March 2011 ~ Geez, I didn't mean to take this long to update.
I moved across town, which turned out to be more difficult than moving across the country!
New New: Icarus, Kino, and Sun Tzu
Update Updated: Lucian Alliance, Prometheus, Phoenix, Stargate

21 Mar 2010 ~ Site redesign done, New and Updates hopefully coming quicker!

26 Jan 2010 ~ New and Updates coming soon! Plus site redesign

15 March 2009 ~ New from Atlantisí Outsiders:

12 March 2009 ~ New and updated from Atlantisí First Contact and The Lost Tribe
New: Attero
Updated: Asgard, Janus, and Wraith.

4 January 2009 ~ New and updated from Atlantisí Season 5 The Daedalus Variations to The Shrine:
New: Ghost in the Machine
Updated: Daedalus and Talos.

6 Nov 2008 ~ Oi! After I got my computer back with my new hard drive, it got a virus,
and then I got a stomach virus. More coming soon!
New and updated from Atlantisí Season 5 Search and Rescue to Broken Ties:
New: Vega and Solon
Updated: Wraith and Tyre.

17 June 2008 ~ My email is broken; Iím working on fixing it. In the mean timeó
New: Flora and Phoenix.

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